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Welcome to Montgomery Gymnastics Academy

Get to Know Us

Montgomery Gymnastics Academy provides gymnastics instruction for ages 18 months to 18 years. We specialize in preschool and school age gymnastics, tumbling and competitive gymnastics. Our expert coaches work with each athlete to develop their skills and build their confidence. Come visit us and see why we're the best gymnastics academy in town!


Meet Our Founders 

Jason Orr

Cynthia Haynes-Orr


Meet Our Manager 

Coach Alexa 

Alexa is a former Xcel gymnast with Montgomery Gymnastics and competed on our Xcel team in 2016-2018.  She is the daughter of our owner and has grown up around the sport as both her parents coached.  She has 10+ years of coaching experience and also is our current manager.  In her spare time, Alexa enjoys playing video games, painting, and singing karaoke with friends.  A few of Coach Alexa's favorite things are chocolates, animal crossing, crystals and anything Disney.


Meet Our Team Coaches 

Coach Nicole 

Coach Nicole is the program director and head coach of our Xcel Competitive Team.  Coach Nicole has over 10+ years of coaching experience coaching both gymnastics and cheerleading.  Coach Nicole was a competitive gymnast and cheered for the University of Texas at Austin.  In her spare time Coach Nicole enjoys reading, spending time with her twins, and working out.  A few of her favorite things include Snickers, C4 Energy drinks, and black licorice.


Coach Javi 

Javi is was in the military for 8 years and has 3 years of coaching experience. He currently is the assistant team coach and helps with our Xcel Team. He has coached boys and girls gymnastics as well as tumbling. His hobbies include tumbling, working out, and reading.  A few of his favorite things include Swedish Fish, Coffee, and loves food!


Meet Our Recreational Coaches 

Coach Marlie

Marlie is a former gymnast and has 1 year experience coaching.  She coaches our preschool and recreational girls programs.  Her hobbies include playing the guitar, skateboarding, playing with her cat, and weight lifting.  A few of her favorite things include Dr. Pepper, sharks, and the color green. 


Coach Logan 

Coach Logan has 6 years of coaching experience and was a competitive men's gymnast for 6 years. Coach Logan currently coaches our tumbling, girls & boys gymnastics classes.  His hobbies include 3D printing, Dungeon's & Dragons, and building computers.

A few of his favorite things are dice, candy, and drawings.

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Coach Jessica

Jessica has been coaching for 5 years and director for 2 years at her former gym.  She currently coaches our preschool classes and is also the director of our Preschool Program. A few of Jessica's hobbies include going fishing and doing hair and nails.  Some of her favorite things are Red Bull, ice coffee, and TJ Maxx.

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